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Russ and Sherri

Are you ready for a new adventure?

Welcome, again, to RV Work Life Balance blog and podcast :

Our unexpected GenX Nomad Adventure & post-pandemic ESCAPE!

We’re Russ & Sherri, and we’re glad you stopped by!

Since Memorial Day 2021, we’ve been full-time RV living, working, and traveling across the country in our 2016 Entegra Aspire 40′ Class A Motorhome named “Charlie the Unicorn”.

We started this as a fun travel blog for our family & friends to keep in touch and it has now expanded to include our podcast and now YouTube channel to help others make the escape and discover this journey themselves. RV Work Life Balance is dedicated to each and every one of you. Thank you for never once saying: “You’re crazy!” (Out loud, anyway 🙂)

We’ve discovered more friends every step along the way:

  • People who are interested in full time RV travel and jobs that can fund it all
  • RV beginners like us searching out stories, support, and advice
  • People who may be thinking of venturing forth on their own
  • Armchair travelers following from the comfort of home

We’re happy to take you all on the road with us!

Are you ready for a new adventure?
Join us on the road!

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Fast Facts: Who are Russ & Sherri?

  • We’re in our mid 50s.
  • Our nest just emptied.
  • We have 3 amazing kids in their 20’s: Navy Son*; Medical Daughter; College Son.
  • *And a Daughter-In-Law! And a Grand Dog!
  • Russ works for a great tech company. Sherri is a travel writer and podcaster.
  • We’re both WFH – Working From Home** – since March 9, 2020.

**We are not retired or independently wealthy 🙂

Quick Re-cap: How (& Why?!) did we end up traveling across the country in a big-a** RV?

Charlie the RV and Starfish our
Charlie the RV and Starfish our “toad”

March 2019: Cross-Country Move to Seattle

After 25 years raising our family and building our careers in Atlanta, GA, we came back home to Seattle, where we had met in high school, married in 1988, and both graduated from Western Washington University in 1990.

We set out on our first cross-country adventure after graduation in 1990, escaping the Pacific Northwest rain and chasing the sun all the way to Florida and then Atlanta. We came back to the Seattle area for family reasons (Sherri’s Mom), and Russ’s new job.

March 2020: Pandemic Lockdown / WFH

On March 9, 2020, Seattle went into lockdown. Russ got notice that his office was closed and everyone would be working from home – WFH – “until further notice.”

We were suddenly trapped in our 1000sf high-rise apartment downtown Seattle, with Russ WFH on Zoom and international conference calls at all hours (time zones)…

Locked down with our 20 year-old college student, who is a great roommate, but who definitely did not love being back home with Mom & Dad in the 1000sf apartment.

September 2020: ESCAPE PLAN

Between March & September, we realized WFH – Working From Home…

“Home” can be anywhere (as long as we have reliable internets for Zoom).

Our new adventure started as a part-time, socially distanced getaway plan during the pandemic.

Aside from getting out of the apartment, giving both us and our college student some much-needed space, we had another desperate motivation:

Our 23 year-old daughter was living on her own and working as a frontline Health Care Worker (Phlebotomist) in a large regional hospital in Spokane, WA. Five hours away from Seattle. We were desperate to find a way we could get to her, and be there to help, if she needed us.

We bought a 40’ RV.

  • No, we had no experience buying, or even renting, a motorhome.
  • No, neither of us had ever driven a 40’ motorhome.
  • No, we could not bring it home to the high-rise downtown Seattle.
  • No, it was not a spontaneous purchase. Really.
  • Yes, we did our research!

Together, we figured it out. We trolled RV Shows and dealerships. We Googled and searched the far reaches of the Internet and RV Trader.

Ultimately, we found Charlie The Unicorn in Orlando, FL… during the height of the pandemic and 2020 travel restrictions. We met her (transported by dealer) halfway across the country and brought her home to the Seattle area from Des Moines, Iowa — our very first RV trip!

So many stories to share — the basis of RV Work Life Balance!

Animated view of our RV
Charlie the Unicorn, our 40′ Diesel Pusher and home on wheels

May 2021: Full-time RV Living, Working & Traveling!

Eight months later… our lease in the high-rise apartment downtown Seattle was up.

We’d leased the apartment to be near Russ’s office downtown, and to give ourselves a chance — two years! — to figure out where we wanted to buy a home and settle down in the area, after being away so long.

Well… we still had no idea.

Everything had changed.

We didn’t have to be in or near Seattle near the office anymore.

The real estate market in Seattle & Western Washington had gone NUTS.

When we bought the RV, and even more so by the summer of 2021, Charlie was the cheapest condo / vacation option in Seattle. She enables us to travel anywhere, anytime — as long as we have those internets! (Russ will tell you more about that later.)

So why not go full time for a year… or longer?!

Here we go–

As of Memorial Day 2021, we are officially living, working, and traveling full-time in Charlie the Unicorn: our 2016 Entegra Aspire 40P — a 40-foot “Diesel Pusher” Class A Motorhome.

If you’re still with us at this point, we hope you’ll join us on this adventure!

Here we go
Full-time Day 1: Here we go!

Are you ready for a new adventure? Start here:

Russ & Sherri

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Welcome to RV Work Life Balance, the Full-time RV Travel Blog & Podcast.  We’re Russ & Sherri, your RV Work Life Balance travel hosts. We’re glad you’re here!

We are living, working & traveling the U.S. full-time in our 2016 Entegra Aspire 40′ Class A Motorhome named Charlie The Unicorn. Join us on our GenX Post-pandemic Adventure!

Be sure to subscribe to the blog & podcast for updates — and share with friends! 🙂

Russ & Sherri

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