Podcast #6 [Devil’s Tower, WY]: How To Balance Nomadic Work and Adventure

rv work life balance podcast hosts selfie in front of devils tower national monument on nomadic work adventure

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST! Episode 6: Nomadic Work & Adventure at Devil’s Tower 👽✨ RVing from DEVIL’S TOWER KOA in Wyoming — Oh my gosh, it’s RIGHT THERE!!! — Sherri & Russ share the challenge of getting the work done… while discovering the mystery, adventure and fun of a truly iconic location. (Enjoy […]

PODCAST #5: Save The Marriage! ❤️ Work Remote Travel Together in a Motorhome

russ and sherri selfie at cody night rodeo

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST! Episode 5:  Work Remote Travel & Marriage in a Motorhome 🤗 RVing from the Cody Trout Ranch in Cody, Wyoming: Sherri & Russ share their Anniversary SURPRISE Adventures in Cody & Yellowstone National Park… And how we work remote and travel full time together in a 40-foot motorhome. It’s […]

PODCAST #4: Digital Nomad Writer & Unexpected Opportunities

podcast hosts on Broadway Street in Butte, Montana

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST! Episode 4: RV Work – Becoming a Digital Nomad Writer 🤗 RVing from the KOA Journey in Butte, Montana: Sherri & Russ reveal Sherri’s RV Work History and how living, working, and traveling full time as a Freelance Writer led to surprising new opportunities as a Digital Nomad Writer… […]

PODCAST #3: Mastering RV Work Life Balance – Top 10 Lessons!

Russ and Sherri, selfie with Newport, OR bay bridge in background.

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST! Episode 3: RV Work & Top 10 Lessons Learned On The Road RVing from Pacific Shores MotorCoach Resort in Newport, Oregon: Sherri & Russ celebrate two years Full Time and share Top 10 Lessons Learned On The Road: RV Work Life Balance. From RV Internets to DIY RV Repair, […]

PODCAST #2: RV Trip Planning For Work Life Balance: 21+ Proven Strategies!

sunset with RV and Jeep parked in campground RV Trip Planning

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST! Episode 2: RV Trip Planning for Work Life Balance & Sanity 🤪 RVing from Village of Trees RV Resort in Southeast Idaho, Sherri & Russ explore RV Trip Planning around full time work on the road: Planning travel days, finding best places to stay for work and fun, and […]

PODCAST: RV Work Life Balance: Origin Story (Episode 1)

RV Work Life Balance Podcast with Sherri and Russ Caldwell

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST! Episode 1: The RV Work Life Balance Origin Story RV Beginners, Sherri & Russ buy a 40ft RV as an impromptu pandemic getaway… transitioning to full time living, working & traveling the country as RV Nomads when they realize: Working from home, “home” can be anywhere, as long as […]

RV Names: Charlie & Starfish – An Origin Story of Epic Proportions!

Charlie the Unicorn RV

What’s your RV’s name? “Hello, we’re Russ & Sherri, and this is Charlie-The-Unicorn RV & Starfish, our toad (tow vehicle).” How does it come to this? The naming and personification of vehicles and other inanimate* objects. inanimate (adj): not alive, especially not in the manner of animals and humans. It’s weird, right? Yet everybody does […]

3 RV Shows & The Slippery Slope to Suddenly Owning a 40-foot Motorhome

rv shows near me

Have you ever been to an RV Show? If you are interested in RVs, looking to buy an RV, or already own one, RV Shows are a great place to: Dream about camping in comfort and style Learn about RVs, compare types and models and prices Explore all of the accessories, memberships, and camping possibilities […]

NIRVC: Why Nothing But The Best RV Service Center Will Do


National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) Review RV service, repair, maintenance One thing we did not anticipate when we bought our big RV and hit the road full-time:  → How difficult it would be to get stuff fixed.  Particularly now, after two years of pandemic escape desperation and the continuing surge in RV enthusiasm. → It’s all […]

RV Full Time Challenge: 10 Steps Home to the Big City in a Big RV

full time RV living

RV Full Time: Coming Home to Atlanta in a Big-A** RV Want to know one of the biggest challenges, heartbreaks, and regrets about living, working, and traveling across country in an RV full time? Honest answer: Missing your people, places, and family events back home, in the regular house-, condo-, apartment-dwelling world. If you come […]


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