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RV Storage

RV Storage Wars

This weekend is all about financial prep (i.e. TAXES) and PACKING. With a quick visit to Charlie to take more stuff up. (And probably bring most of it back to household storage.)

Speaking of STORAGE…

Charlie-RV is parked in a 45’ covered space with 20-amp power at a storage facility outside of Seattle. It costs $306 per month to store a 40’ Class A Motorhome warmly and safely for the winter. Within an hour of Seattle, WA anyway.

Storage was one of the first challenges we faced, before we brought the rig back to WA from delivery near Des Moines, IA.

We looked at a dozen or more different “RV Storage” facilities all over the Puget Sound area. Most of them were disasters: dirty, fenced in parking lots with too many vehicles packed in too closely together. Lots of rocks and gravel. No coverage or protection, from the weather or other RV & boat owners.

We had just made a significant investment in the RV, even if it was “the cheapest condo in Seattle.” On wheels. We needed to keep her protected for the winter ahead.

We found our storage facility by asking on the Entegra Owner’s Group on Facebook. (Specific brand owner’s groups are one of the very best sources of information and community for a new RV owner!)

It was perfect! A very large facility, catering to larger RVs and vehicles— and expanding! Fully fenced and secure, with a staff member living on the premises. Paved! With open or covered spaces, with 20-amp electrical power!

Even at the cost, it’s been a great home for Charlie. Because we have 20-amp power to keep her warm, dehumidified, monitored, and the fridge powered up, we didn’t have to “winterize” to store for the season. We were able to go up and take her out, for a week or two at a time, all winter long.

That accessibility became important for my job assignments, when I started working two-week on-site projects for Southeast Publications in November. But that’s another part of this story, a different blog post, for another time…

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