RV Goodbyes & A Cross Country Road Trip Adventure We’re Not Even On

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cross country road trip

The Long Full Time RV Living, Working & Traveling Goodbye…

We’re down to the last week — our last four days “circling the harbor” in Blaine/Bellingham.

We’ll soon be on our own cross country road trip adventure…

Leaving Friday for Spokane, WA.

We spent the weekend with family, saying goodbye — see you later! — and celebrating our daughter’s 24th birthday. Meeting her boyfriend. (We like him a lot!)

They came over to Western Washington for the long, strange, and wonderful weekend. We are ready to go!

In a way, Daughter & Boyfriend are going across country with us, but not with us: They’re leaving Spokane on Monday morning.

We’ll be there to help them pack up and go. (Yep, another heart-wrenching, weepy, ugly cry: goodbye for now.)

We’ll be in Spokane for the week, so Russ can do the WFH thing on our magical, mobile, RV internet WiFi’s. (For which, we are so thankful all this is possible!)

Daughter & Boyfriend are setting off on their own adventure, crossing country, for school and new job opportunities. Super exciting!

Instead of a big-a## RV, they’re setting out in a UHAUL truck, towing his car. She’ll be driving her car.

Road Trip Caravan?!?!

Not this time.

They’ll be moving much faster, so we won’t be in their caravan. They’re on their own great & scary adventure.

Since they’ll be driving separately, across country, and cellular service is often spotty and unreliable, we gave them the #1 most indispensable, awesome, and fun thing for the road trip: A pair of walkie talkies (for grown-ups!), just like the ones we use to communicate between Charlie the RV & Starfish the Jeep, when we’re driving separately. Truly indispensable.

We’ll see them sooner, rather than later, and for the holidays, on the east coast. That helps.

The leaving is the very hardest part of any great adventure or life change. ???

I’m not saying goodbyes, only see you later.

There will be hellos and getting back to family and friends, old & new, all along our travels for the next year… or two… or who knows how long???

Here’s hoping…

We’ll see you soon! (Roger. Over & Out.)

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