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Podcast #7 [Gillette, WY]: All the Reasons to Join FMCA First!

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Sherri and Russ with RVs and sunset backdrop at FMCA event in Gillette, Wyoming

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST!

Episode 7: FMCA – Gillette, Wyoming

RVing from the FMCA International Convention & RV Expo in Gillette, Wyoming — Sherri & Russ invite you along on the adventure of their 4th FMCA Rally! What do all these random letters and words mean?! Join us as we reveal all the secrets and fun of attending a huge event in the RV Community, while, of course, still balancing the full time jobs.

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  • 10-16-2023 – EPISODE 7 – (00:38:45)
  • Title: FMCA – Gillette, Wyoming


FMCA – Gillette, Wyoming EPISODE SUMMARY:

— What does FMCA stand for?

— What are the benefits of FMCA?

— Is it worth it to join FMCA?

In Episode 7, we’ve got all the answers to those Frequently Asked Questions, while sharing our experiences and adventures as RV Beginners on the road full time: FMCA is one of the first RV Membership Programs any new owner should consider joining immediately!

We share with you how this incredible community unites RVers of all types, brands, locations, and interests. You won’t believe the myriad of benefits on offer, from massive discounts on RV essentials to the unity fostered among RVers through various FMCA chapters and events, including the twice-yearly International Convention & RV Expos. (Also known as FMCA Rallies!)

It’s like coming in from the wild and spending time with your tribe–

Consider yourself an invited guest and Insider as we bring you along to caravan and camp with AIM: The All Inclusive Motorhome Club, sponsored by National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) and Freightliner. Every day is busy and full of opportunities to shop, learn, participate, and make new best friends for life. Every night is a party with AIM: free dinner, drinks, entertainment, and camaraderie for all!

And, somehow, we manage to find the balance: getting the work done and finding the fun when it seems like everyone else is playing all day long! (We are NOT complaining! 💃🕺)

Join us on our FMCA Adventures in this episode!

Our mission is to share what we learn about RV Work Life Balance and introduce you to new opportunities, people, places, and ideas to spark your interest and imagination…

Let’s hit the road together for this unique journey!

– – – – – HIGHLIGHTS – – – – –

  • (00:02:13) – FMCA Rally – Gillette, Wyoming
  • (00:04:58) – RV Community – Finding Your Tribe
  • (00:08:53) – RV Repair & Services at FMCA Rallies
  • (00:10:04) – AIM: FREE Dinner, Drinks & Entertainment For All!
  • (00:11:43) – FMCA Rally Adventures
  • (00:18:37) – RV Problems: Weight, Tires & Safety
  • (00:27:31) – RV Work Life Balance
  • (00:36:27) – RV Lifestyle – P.S. SUBSCRIBE! 😘


fmca members in a large hall attending orientationexploring art alley downtown lincoln, nebraska - haymarket areathe aim tent at sunset - fmcadancing in the aim tent at fmca tucson






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rv camping at the fmca rally


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