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Moving Day

Moving Day(s)

When we set our date to go full-time RVing, it was forever away. Still a daydream, plenty of time to go. To figure it all out. Put all the pieces together. Get it all done.

And here we are: Just one week until we move Charlie-the-RV out of her comfy storage space — forever! — to our first destination. Two weeks in the “home park”, which I’ll have to explain later:  Guaranteeing a place to park the RV: Campground/Resort Membership.

We’re ready. I was going to write, “Oh my God, we’re not ready! What the hell are we doing?!?!”

But I’ve got to stop doing that. Here we go. We have to be ready!

Our move in 3+ acts:

Act 1 – TOMORROW – Moving long-term stuff to storage unit.
Act 2 – NEXT SUNDAY (8 DAYS) – Moving all our stuff — and us! — into the RV. And moving the RV to our first destination.
Act 3 – TWELVE (12) DAYS – Moving everything else and our almost 21-year-old student to a two-bedroom apartment near the college he will be attending.

(The + represents all the dozens & dozens of minor acts involved: dozens of trips to Goodwill with household donations; dozens and dozens of trips to the garbage chute and dumpster in our building.)

Dozens — cool word, huh?

Here we go–

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