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Podcast #8: RV Moochdocking 🤗 BEST WAY To Visit Family & Friends!

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sherri and russ at the annual Labor Day picnic in Missouri - rv moochdocking with family

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST!

Episode 8: Moochdocking & Creepy Babies in Missouri

RV Moochdocking = mooching + boondocking (RV camping with limited or no services). Also known as driveway camping or driveway surfing! Join us on our annual moochdocking adventure, visiting family over Labor Day Weekend at The Silver Lobster Farm near St. Louis, Missouri…

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  • 10-23-2023 – EPISODE 8 – (00:30:07)
  • Title: Moochdocking & Creepy Babies in Missouri



I can’t believe we get to do this. It’s just shockingly cool. This country is amazing! So we get to do amazing travel, and then we get to go see family and friends…”

–> Remember Cousin Eddie showing up in his old RV at the Griswold’s for Christmas VacationSh*tter’s FULL!?

Kind of like that — but NOT! — We invite you on our RV Moochdocking Adventure to The Silver Lobster Farm, outside of St. Louis, Missouri, for family fun and Labor Day Weekend shenanigans… including an unsettling encounter with some very creepy babies. (See photo below!)

Buckle up for Episode 8: Just getting there was half the adventure! After spending part of our holiday travel weekend hanging out on the parking lot of an adult superstore in Iowa (tire trouble! 😱) and then stopping late for our very first overnight at a Love’s Truck Stop, you’ll understand the feeling of relief, when we finally made it to our destination!

Learn all about Moochdocking and the extraordinary benefits of enjoying time with family & friends, all over the country, in your own home on wheels. We tackle Frequently Asked Questions about our full time RV Lifestyle, touching on the realities of life on the road, addressing the challenges of receiving mail and packages, and revealing hard-won secrets about DIY RV Repair.

Finally, Moochdocking & RV Work Life Balance– How does that work? Click on the episode link above to find out!

Join us on our RV Moochdocking Adventure in this episode!

Come travel with us! Feel the freedom, enjoy the ongoing adventure and perhaps ignite a spark for your own journey on the open road…


– – – – – HIGHLIGHTS – – – – –

  • (00:01:07) – Moochdocking @ Silver Lobster Farm in Missouri
  • (00:11:08) – Labor Day w/ Family & Creepy Babies… 
  • (00:13:08) – FAQ: How long are you going to RV full time?
  • (00:15:37) – RV Moochdocking 101
  • (00:18:10) – Getting Mail On The Road (Address Surfing)
  • (00:22:45) – RV Problems, Romantix, Love’s & DIY RV Repair
  • (00:25:50) – Moochdocking & RV Work Life Balance
  • (00:27:46) – Join the Adventure! – P.S. SUBSCRIBE! 😘

Charlie-The-Unicorn RV tire problem on the parking lot on the way to moochdocking with family in Missouri overnight at the Love's Truck Stop RV Park on our way - moochdocking in Missouri

sherri and family at the annual Labor Day church picnic - moochdocking with family in Missouri creepy Campbell's Soup doll babies in original package flea market find while moochdocking with family in Missouri







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Drone video mentioned in the podcast: Moochdocking at the Silver Lobster Farm – our own private Harvest Host!*





Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this program running. Thank You!!! Read our Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.


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the firepit at the silver lobster farm with Charlie-The-Unicorn rv in the background - moochdocking with family in missouri

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