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Podcast #6 [Devil’s Tower, WY]: How To Balance Nomadic Work and Adventure

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rv work life balance podcast hosts selfie in front of devils tower national monument on nomadic work adventure

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST!

Episode 6: Nomadic Work & Adventure at Devil’s Tower 👽✨

RVing from DEVIL’S TOWER KOA in Wyoming — Oh my gosh, it’s RIGHT THERE!!! — Sherri & Russ share the challenge of getting the work done… while discovering the mystery, adventure and fun of a truly iconic location.

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  • 10-09-2023 – EPISODE 6 – (00:31:53)
  • Title: Nomadic Work & Adventure at Devil’s Tower



“Well, it ain’t no Albertson’s…”

(And yet, somehow, we survived an epic fail at Devil’s Tower! 😳)

In episode 6 of the RV Work Life Balance PODCAST, Sherri & Russ work to achieve RV Work Life Balance in a particularly distracting location…

Living full time on the road doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on our work OR the fun of exploration. From the KOA Journey at the foot of the iconic Devil’s Tower National Monument as our home base for 10 days, we found the balance between nomadic work and the bucket list adventure of a lifetime.

With the awe-inspiring sight of Devil’s Tower greeting us every morning — RIGHT THERE!!! — we got the work done, and still found time for incredible Sunset Adventures: hiking the Devil’s Tower trails; off-roading to unexpected views; exploring the local area (finding food & provisions to survive!); enjoying quirky events at the campground; and fully embracing this extraordinary lifestyle as temporary residents, instead of just passing through.

We’ll admit to an epic fail and a most surprising realization: How two years full time on the road has undeniably resulted in a healthier lifestyle – as long as we take care of ourselves, and each other. Click to listen and we’ll reveal all our secrets!

Join us on our Nomadic Work Adventure in this episode!

Our mission is to share what we learn about RV Work Life Balance and introduce you to new opportunities, people, places, and ideas to spark your interest and imagination…

Let’s hit the road together for this unique journey!

– – – – – HIGHLIGHTS – – – – –

  • (00:00:45) – Devil’s Tower KOA, Wyoming
  • (00:01:43) – RV Bucket List Destination!
  • (00:02:47) – Close Encounters – The Movie & MORE
  • (00:03:20) – SECRETS of Devil’s Tower 👽✨…
  • (00:10:57) – Balancing Nomadic Work & Adventure
  • (00:22:14) – Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle
  • (00:29:04) – Wrap Up: RV Work Life Balance
  • (00:30:25) – P.S. SUBSCRIBE! 😘


rv parked with view of Devil's Tower National Monument on our nomadic work journey view of devils tower national monument out the rv window on our nomadic work adventure

awesome view of devils tower from a back road on our nomadic work adventure dusk settles on the incredible view of devils tower from the koa campground on our nomadic work adventure







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hiking the red beds trail around devil's tower on our epic nomadic work adventure

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