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Podcast #16: RV Dangerous Detours ⚠️ Navigating The Unexpected

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Episode 16: RV Dangerous Detours & Navigating The Unexpected

RVing from Tioga Pass outside of Yosemite National Park: RV Life Trip Planning adventures with road hazards, CAUTION signs, U-turns and alternate routes when things go wrong–

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– – – – – episode highlights – – – – –

  • (00:01:16) RV Dangerous Detours
  • (00:06:21) RV Life Trip Wizard 🧭 RV Safe Routing
  • (00:09:30) SAFE RULE: Follow the semi-trucks 🚛
  • (00:10:48) Emergency Plan #1 🚨 Disconnect & Drive Away
  • (00:20:16) Tioga Pass to Yosemite: ROAD CLOSED
  • (00:24:00) RV Safe GPS Surprises 😱
  • (00:37:27) Trip Planning: Where to go & How to get there
  • (00:43:22) RV Work Life Balance: Off the beaten path



Leaving Las Vegas, the plan was to sneak across CA-120 to Yosemite National Park over Memorial Day Weekend– thru the backdoor over Tioga Pass, to avoid the holiday traffic and crowds on the other side. Did we make it? Yes and No… 

This episode delves deep into the essence of RV life on the road: Embracing the unpredictable while finding adventure in the detours. From quirky overnight stays like the very retro (in a cool way!) Long Street Casino on the edge of Death Valley, to navigating flooded roads, snow and unforeseen route changes, we learned the importance of on-the-spot flexibility. 

Sometimes the most dangerous detours lead to the most memorable adventures, as we’ve learned, from West Coast to East Coast, and all roads in-between. From the mountains of California to the turnpikes of Pennsylvania, we’ve encountered twisty roads, roadblocks, and scary signs:


Stories of navigating through challenges, assessing situations on the fly, and making decisions that deviate from the original plan resonate with the core of RV living: Life is about the journey, not just the destination.

–> And, with RV Work Life Balance, still showing up for work on time the next day.

Join us! Feel the freedom, enjoy the ongoing adventure, and perhaps ignite a spark for your own journey on the open road…


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U.S. ROAD CONDITIONS ⚠️ Super helpful reference list of website links and phone numbers for current road conditions in every state.

RV BREAKDOWNS & Working Full Time On The RoadThe other side of dangerous detours: When 💩 really does go wrong.

RV Travel CAUTION: 7 Scary Road Signs of DOOMTake a look back on one of our most popular articles on RV Work Life Balance!


Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this program running. Thank You!!! Read our Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.


Midland Two-Way Radios – Long Range Walkie Talkie (set of 2)We’ve mentioned these as Marriage Savers before (particularly when you’re parking the RV), they are incredibly helpful to have in so many situations, including caravan travel and emergencies.

Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas 2024Trust but verify! We keep a copy of the Trucker’s Atlas in the back pocket of the driver’s seat, so we can always quickly check suggested routing and alternatives.


⭐️ RV LIFE TRIP WIZARDWe rely on RV Life PRO Trip Wizard for RV trip planning, campground info, reviews & RV-friendly GPS — keeps us safe on the road!

⭐️ GuideAlong – formerly GyPSy GuideOur #1 favorite audio tour guide for National Parks & destinations – don’t go without a GuideAlong!

⭐️ Harvest HostsA truly unique membership program: ‘FREE’ overnight RV camping at more than 7,000 amazing locations! (Discount! 🤑)

⭐️ FMCA – Family Motor Coach AssociationFind your tribe on the road & so much more with the #1 RV Travel Club! Plus Special Deals and Discounts to Save Hundreds of Dollars on RVing Expenses – Tires, Roadside Rescue® & more!

⭐️ TSD Open Roads Diesel Discount ProgramIf you have a diesel engine in your RV, you’ll want to know more about this incredible savings program — and the convenience of locating and fueling up at truck stops on your route. Check it out! Referred by Sherri Caldwell 😉



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