RV Laundry & Moving Day, Too: Handling It Like A Boss?

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RV Laundry room at Birch Bay Thousand Trails

If it’s Tuesday… it must be RV Laundry Day

But MOVING DAY, too?

While we’re “circling the harbor” here in the Blaine, WA area, we normally move the RV from campground to campground on Sunday. Around Russ’s Monday – Friday schedule on the conference calls & Zoom.

We got off schedule last week, with the 4th of July holiday on Sunday, and a doctor’s appointment in Seattle (two hours south) Monday morning. (The best news from our trip to the city: We both got much-needed post-pandemic haircuts at our Seattle place, Rudy’s Barbershop!)(Meaning: I don’t want to talk about doctor’s appointments.)

Check-out time: 11:00 A.M.

So last week, we ended up moving the rig to Birch Bay Thousand Trails on Tuesday, during a busy work day for Russ. This is less than ideal. Check-out is typically 11am. Check-in at Birch Bay is also 11am, which makes it a little easier, but still a big disruption to the Zoom and conference calls.

We made it work with a lunchtime run. Fortunately, our two parks here are less than 5 miles apart

Process: Super Important on Moving Day

We have a system: Checklists. Wristbands.

Wristband reminders on RV steering wheel

It still takes us about two hours to do all the things to prep moving the RV. So many things to do! Russ does everything he needs to do on the outside. I get everything put away and ready to travel on the inside.

We work together on a few final preparations inside and final inspection outside.

We’re both in place, with our handy walkie-talkies, anytime we fire her up and move out, usually with Russ driving, and me outside eagle-eyeing everything, especially clearance on all sides as he pulls out of the campsite.

Communication is everything

If you don’t have a system/process/checklist and work together, bad things can happen… if somebody forgets to lock the dishwasher or secure everything in the fridge, for example.

On the outside, you definitely don’t want to leave an awning up or forget to disconnect and properly stow any of the lifelines: electric power, water or, god forbid, the sewer hose.

So we usually move on the weekends, but got off-schedule with the holiday, and here we are again: moving on Tuesday. During work.

And it’s Laundry Day!


  1. Check-out at Birch Bay is 11:00am.
  2. Check-in at Beachwood is 2:00pm.

Even if we take the scenic (yet still RV-friendly) route, and stop at the rest area for lunch… it’s a 10-minute drive.

Also note: Birch Bay Thousand Trails has a very nice laundry facility. Beachwood: not so much:

RV laundry room closed with machines outside

Solution: Because we’re only paying $10/night at Birch Bay, we arranged an extra night, although we’ll still leave Tuesday, after work (and laundry).

$10 for late check-out and a much easier day ahead.
(Totally worth it!)

All of this craziness ends next week: our journey begins!

Stay tuned for Leaving the Harbor (finally)… on our cross-country adventure!

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