RV Names: Charlie & Starfish – An Origin Story of Epic Proportions!

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Charlie the Unicorn RV

What’s your RV’s name?

“Hello, we’re Russ & Sherri, and this is Charlie-The-Unicorn RV & Starfish, our toad (tow vehicle).”

RV Names

How does it come to this?

The naming and personification of vehicles and other inanimate* objects.

inanimate (adj): not alive, especially not in the manner of animals and humans.

It’s weird, right?

Yet everybody does it.

Favorite RV YouTube Superstars & RV Names:

— KYD – Keep Your Daydream w/ Marc & Tricia – started with a 30-foot travel trailer they named Ginger.   

— Mark & Sue Chandler give it away in the name of their website and YouTube Channel: Our Journey in Myles.

— Phil & Stacy of You, Me & The RV / Today Is Someday call their Tiffin Allegro RED… Ruby, of course!

— The truly original Nomadic Fanatic – Eric, traveling with his cats Tara & Opie, named his RV Miranda.

— Jason & Dellynn of Our Not So Perfect Life had a contest and ended up with Casper & Fatso for their truck & 5th Wheel combo.


Why name your RV?

For us, it started as a joke, as all the best stories do…

Whenever you have something that’s special to you, it’s important to name it.

Everyone does that, right?

When we started our journey to find an RV, it was all about the features: size, color, brand, and other details to match our many objectives.

After finding the perfect rig and working through the messy process of buying and insuring the RV, she became part of the family and needed a name. 

Once you own one, there’s something special about recreational vehicles like boats and RVs. They almost seem like mythical beasts that deserve a name and the love usually reserved for pets.


Finding our unicorn

rv unicorn definition

We almost immediately settled on the name Charlie-The-Unicorn RV, partly because that described our experience of finding, for us, the perfect RV. She matched every benefit and feature we had hoped for.

The Entegra Aspire 40P was the very first RV Sherri ever walked into and admitted, with some awe and enthusiasm: “Ohhh… okay, I can see traveling in this.”

She was indeed our unicorn.

Charlie-The-Unicorn & Starfish is also an homage to our kids, to include them on this adventure, even though they’re all three grown and now following their own dreams. (Definitely not traveling with the parents in a 40-foot RV.)


Family Road Trips & Memories

A dozen years ago, when our kids were about 9, 12, and 15, they introduced us to Charlie the Unicorn & friends, on YouTube. It was during a family road trip to Myrtle Beach, SC… in a car, not an RV.

They proceeded to learn and memorize and perform all of the crazy songs and situations that happened between Charlie and his unicorn “friends,” who kept leading him from one mishap to another on the way to “Candy Mountain.”

The entire trip. Over and over.

The series of very weird, very wrong, but hilarious short videos about a hapless unicorn, constantly tricked into strange adventures with bizarre endings, was definitely engaging.

The kids could mimic the videos word-for-word (usually at the most embarrassing or inappropriate times, in a crowd).

It always made us laugh and sing along.



One of our favorite episodes was the introduction of Starfish, Charlie’s best friend under-the-sea. (What was Charlie even doing underwater? Chasing the Narwhal, of course!)

Starfish was the perfect name for our dark red Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk tow vehicle (or “toad,” as they say in the RV community).

Charlie-The-Unicorn RV is every bit as fun, weird, and sometimes hapless, as the YouTube character, with her two companions (us) always pushing her on, to the next adventure. It just fits.  

With Starfish-The-Jeep towing along behind, of course.

starfish loves you


2) If you haven’t already watched these goofy videos from more than a decade ago, I encourage you to grab your favorite beverage and enjoy a weird and fun time catching up! 

Here is where Charlie-the-Unicorn meets Starfish for the first time!

If you want to start the original 3-part Charlie-the-Unicorn adventure at the beginning then start HERE!

Charlie-The-Unicorn RV & Starfish-The-Jeep

That’s the story we’ve been promising: The Naming of Charlie & Starfish.

Happily ever after 😉


So, what’s your RV’s name?

What will it be? Or what would it be, if you were going to buy an RV?

We hope you enjoyed the article and are inspired and reassured through our RV experiences and adventures. If we can figure this out — and survive — so can you!

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