RV Road Trip: How We Survived Our First Epic 21 Day Adventure

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RV Travel Map Scratch-off

Are you interested in, or even dreaming about, an RV Road Trip, but have no RV or camping experience? Keep reading! Join us on our very first RV adventure, driving our new-to-us 40-foot Class A motorhome halfway across the country.

We survived — and so can you!

By August 2020, our pandemic / WFH / travel shutdown response to COVID, living downtown Seattle:

We bought a big-a** RV!!!

A 2016 Entegra Aspire 40P Class A Motorhome.

(Basically, a 400-square-foot condo on wheels.)

Six weeks later, we were on our way to Des Moines, IA, in a rental car packed with RV gear and camping supplies, to pick up Charlie The Unicorn and bring her 2,000 miles back home to Seattle, WA.

Neither of us had ever rented or driven an RV before, other than a brief test drive at an outdoor Seattle RV Show.

If you are considering buying or renting an RV as a newbie, come along with us on our first adventure to learn all the things:

  • What to expect, driving and navigating an RV in a car-sized and -shaped world
  • Where to go, where to park, where to sleep…
  • How to FSO – Figure Sh*t Out on the road


At the very least, we hope you will be entertained and join us on our now-full-time RV living, working and traveling adventures on BooksAndTravelUSA.com.

This article is all about our first-ever epic RV Road Trip as complete newbies — here we go!


RV Road Trip: How We Survived Our First Epic 21 Day Adventure


Russ & Sherri with Charlie the RV

Day 1 – RV Buyers Remorse?

9/28/2020 – Des Moines, IA: Prairie Flower COE Campground

Text to Full-Time RV Friend – 9:30 p.m.:

OMG. We’re going to get better at this, right?! We’re in the RV, at a nice COE (Corps of Engineers) campground somewhere outside of Des Moines. It’s been a long day, with our first solo drive-away from the dealer in Des Moines, IA. They’ve been  great. We screwed up and didn’t realize this campground is electric only. No water at campsite?!

We are learning things. I’ve been good all day, but now I’m having a panic attack– WTF DID WE DO??? And how we gonna get all the way back home to Seattle? 

Full-Time RV Friend:

Hahahaha. That’s what holding tanks & dump stations are for! You’ll be fine! Do you love it? 

10:06 p.m.:  

I love it.

After a rough first day, we got settled very late at the COE campground. Russ learned how to back the RV into place quickly. Of course, both times he parked, he had people come up behind him on the one-way road. He did great. Fortunately, most people in an RV park are very understanding and supportive. 

We accidentally set the RV alarm off twice — 8:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.

Leaving the dealership

We stayed at the RV dealership until about 3 p.m. Online walk-thru with FL salesman and tech. Follow-up with local tech & service department.

(We bought the RV online at a dealership in Florida, with several video walk-thrus and independent inspections. With Covid surging nationwide at the time, the dealer offered to transport and deliver the RV to their furthest-west dealership, in Des Moines, IA, which is why we drove from Seattle to Iowa to take delivery. We were happy to drive halfway across country and have that experience, bringing her home.)

The people at Des Moines were great, to a point. We had a lot of questions they really worked to resolve. But didn’t. 

The biggest one was a bedroom slide-out that wouldn’t fully extend out and fall into place. It was off by only about an inch or so. They reassured us it was nothing to prevent safe travel or create any problems.

Their advice was to drive it and the slide would “probably” fall into place. It didn’t. But it got us off the lot.

RV newbie campground mistakes

Our biggest mistake (first day): Getting a spot in a campground without water. We reserved in a lovely Corps of Engineers site — $22 per night, with full 50amp electric service, but no water at each site! Or sewer. This could get messy.

Which made it really freaking hard (turns out: impossible) to flush, sanitize and fill the 100-gallon fresh water tank. Whoopsie.

We spent nearly the entire night trying to sanitize and flush the fresh water tank, which is a Process, especially with no water at the campsite. In the rain.

(Windshield wipers broke on Russ’s first drive out of the dealership to the  campground. In the pouring rain. On the interstate, in fairly heavy rush-hour traffic. On his own. I was leading in the rental car, but hadn’t yet figured out how to be a good pace car. But I digress.)

At the campground, we put out the slides. Did it fix the bedroom slide? No, it did not. 

— Leveled with auto leveler (not level).

— Plugged into power, which we figured out by reading the owner’s manual. 

Then we hauled a** to the local WalMart for overnight supplies (cream for coffee in the morning) by 10 p.m. closing. Grab & go last 20 minutes. Back to campground for an uneventful night.

After the parking.

Except for the 1:30 a.m. alarm.

Whew — What a day!


Day 2 – Russ’s Scary Terrifying RV Rodeo

Des Moines, IA: Griff’s RV Resort

What a weird thing — to wake up at 5:30 a.m., in Iowa, in our very own RV.

Yesterday was crazy: exciting, frustrating, overwhelming, scary… by  11 p.m. (dinner at a drive-thru: B-Bop’s Burgers in Des Moines), I was ready to give in to a full-blown panic attack:

WHAT HAVE WE DONE??? (And were we crazy to do it?)

We left the campground early for another run to WalMart for supplies. (Who knew, by the end of our three-week adventure, WalMart would be our new best shopping destination. Trust me, there are reasons!)

After the WalMart run, it was time to return the rental car in Des Moines.

RV Killer RV

I think our RV is trying to kill us 

Even in retrospect, Day 2 was the scariest day of all. I was driving the rental car, trying to get it turned in before the deadline. I waited for Russ at the entrance of the campground, but I figured he was okay, and I went ahead. Big Mistake.

By the time I finally got to the rental agency across town (not in the best part of Des Moines, IA), I had no idea where he was in the 40-foot RV.

I walked across the street to a QuikTrip to scope out a place where he could pull over to pick me up. Plenty of room. I called his cell phone, one of the scariest conversations of my life.

I could barely understand him over the noisy connection, but he was as near to a panic as I’ve ever heard my typically calm, laid-back hubs: 

“Something isn’t right”

He pulled up to the gas station and I got on board. It was quickly apparent that there was something seriously wrong with the RV. As if suddenly, there were no shock absorbers on stabilizers anywhere on the 40’ chassis.

The entire RV was literally leaping and rocking dangerously, exaggerated in slow motion: forward and back, side to side. Bunny hopping, porpoising. It was like trying to ride a bucking bronco. A really pissed off one, trying to kill you. It was terrifying.

At stops and over railroad tracks, the wild up-and-down threw us up in the air out of our seats, against the seatbelt restraints, so violently, we had bruises the next day. We drove super slooowwwly.

Somehow we made it to the closest campground we could find with all of this going on. Fortunately, we were still in Des Moines, still close to the dealership. We called and told them we would be back first thing in the morning.

Settled in for the night

Once we were able to calm down, we were able to assess the damage and research what could have caused the chaos.

With full hook-ups at the RV park, we were finally able to finish the fresh water tank prep.

Knock on wood, we had not had a sewer disaster. Yet. (I was still kind of afraid to use the RV toilet — not sure what I could do in the RV, what I could safely use, when: water, bathroom, appliances, lights, etc.) 

We broke out the new Blackstone Griddle we’d brought all the way across country in the rental car. Grilled steaks. Yum.

We made the steak into awesome fajitas, made possible with the discovery of fresh squeeze Guacamole at the WalMart. (Who knew?!) 

After such a harrowing day, with a good dinner and enough alcohol, we finally started to figure things out.

We went through the rig and documented all the things that were not quite right with our gently-used five-year-old motorhome.

We made a punch list for the dealer, under their 30-day warranty.

We thought maybe we’d even figured out the bucking bronco situation.

–> I’ve learned, after a lifetime with mechanical things, and humans, too, sometimes you just need to turn things off and give it a rest, to re-set.



Day 3 – Our Epic RV Road Trip Begins (?)

Onawa, IA: On-Ur-Wa RV Park

Text to Mother-In-Law / RV Mentor – 8:12 a.m.:  

We made it! Two nights in, still in Iowa, FSO (figuring sh*t out). It’s an adventure, for sure. So far, so… well, it’s a shakedown/learning cruise. We’ll try to check in soon. Love, S&R 


FSO – Figuring Sh*t Out

We took our first RV showers, before heading out early to wait for the dealership to open. 

It was an uneventful morning drive to the dealership. Our bucking bronco was under control. We hung out at the dealership for a couple of hours. Ultimately, they were not able to get us in for service.

We were able to confirm the problem from the day before, which Russ had already researched and figured out, having to do with air pressure and getting to ride height. Everything was okay again.

(Ride height is the setting for the air suspension on your chassis.)

After consulting with everyone in Des Moines, and our salesman in Florida, we were advised to head home to Seattle. Everything was safe and drive-able, in good working order.

Except for the windshield wiper. They ordered the parts for us, shipped to Seattle.

Under the 30-day warranty, they agreed to fix all of the relatively minor issues we had listed, working with a partner dealership or RV service in WA State.

I was more than ready:

“Let’s just GO!”

We made it 176 miles to Onawa, Iowa. A small campground just off the interstate, behind a gas station/convenience store and a Dairy Queen.

RV OnUrWa Profile

We carried a bag of garbage all 176 miles because we forgot to dump it on the way out of the campground in Des Moines. (Don’t do that.)

Text to Sister-In-Law – late afternoon:

We love it. It has not been easy to FSO (Figure Sh*t Out), but we’re getting there. Russ is managing it all like a pro. Today has been great driving, but very, very windy in the Midwest. Land yacht! 

The Midwest is beautiful– my first time this far. Western Montana (not so much Eastern MT), South Dakota & Iowa gorgeous, but super-windy! 


Day 4 – RV Road Trip: Go Back To Start

Des Moines, IA: At the Dealership 

Text to non-RV Friend – 3:33 p.m.: 

Well… we WERE on the road. And everything was great today. It still is (finally), but dealer called and wants us back for warranty work, instead of sending us back to Seattle. Long story. All good. So we’re driving back four hours now to get it done. 

Shakedown cruise– it’s been an adventure! Stressful at times, but we love the rig and we’re going to ENJOY THE ADVENTURE, damnit! 

Current situation (9:18 p.m. Central): 


RV First Night

We’re back where we started, at dealership in Des Moines. Staying overnight inside their lot. Locked in. Nobody else around but the security guard. And us.

All good. 


Day 5 – RV Dealership Problems

Onawa, IA: On-Ur-Wa Campground (again)


RV Iowa Margarita

Facebook post:

RV Adventure Update (Day 5): After another day in Des Moines, walking the cornfields to search out Margaritas (fab Mexican food in Iowa, who knew?!), and then discovering the horse track/casino for a couple hours(!!!)… dealership didn’t fix a single issue: 

“Need parts.” 

All fairly minor issues (except for one). We drove away.

Gotta get out of Iowa. They’re sending parts to Seattle. We’ll figure it out. 

We shouldn’t even need that other windshield wiper, right?!


Day 6 – RV Campgrounds in South Dakota

Mitchell, SD: Dakota Campground

To RV Friend – 7:22 a.m.: 

5 days in — steep learning curve. Driving home without windshield wipers. We’re  going to stay in South Dakota Mon – Fri next week so Russ can WFH (Zoom & a “green screen” (a bedsheet)). LOL. He did manage to set up great mobile internets. This is going to be interesting. We love it! But OMG… it gets easier, right?!

10:35 p.m.: 

We are all good. The dealer is fine. We’ll work it all out. We are  having fun and very excited. Problems could be so much worse!  

Today, we banged up our $400 rear rock guard (hangs down below rear  bumper). Our fault, learning curve. That’s the biggest expense/problem so far. Meh. We’re still rolling! 

To Rapid City, SD tomorrow. For the week! Then to Spokane, WA for the next week! Home 10/18.

RV Repair


Day 7 – RV Resorts in South Dakota

Spearfish, SD: Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort

Text to Mother-In-Law / RV Mentor – 2:45pm:

The Adventure is exhausting & stressful at times. Watched Russ crawl under the back end and rig up our Entegra rock guard. He’s pretty amazing! 

At least 3 new “learning experiences” every day so far.  

We are currently on I-90, just east of Rapid City, SD. Settling round these parts in the next hour or so until Friday, for work. It’s beautiful out here. Nice driving. 

It’s a lot like driving away from the hospital with a brand new baby. We don’t know what the hell we’re doing. A lot could go wrong. 

Mother-In-Law’s advice: 

Trust us, it will mellow out, just not for a while. But that’s where all the fun is. You weren’t hoping for a boring life were you? 


RV Elkhorn WFH


Day 8 – RV Internets & WFH – Working From Home

Spearfish, SD: Elkhorn Ridge

Monday – 7:45 a.m.:  

I woke up feeling so much better today. I spent much of yesterday with a headache, backache, and WORRYING ABOUT EVERYTHING. Second-guessing all of this. 

Today is better. 

Russ is back to work. On Zoom. 

First thing we did last night was test the internets. We seem to be doing okay (running Google Internet speed tests for download & upload speeds). A little tenuous with the upload speeds, maybe. Unfortunately, that is the most important thing for Zoom calls. 

It’s going to be fine.

We are at a lovely campground in Spearfish, SD, about half-hour past Rapid City.


RV Elkhorn SD


NON RV-Friendly Adventures On The Way

We checked out several campgrounds between Rapid City and Spearfish, got lost on a dangerous NOT RV FRIENDLY road searching out a KOA…

Lost and dangerously off the RV friendly route…

We discovered Deadwood, South Dakota in the mountains. Very cool old gold rush town, revitalized and very active with trendy (touristy) restored buildings, shops, bars, and restaurants. The Old West, updated.  

We couldn’t stop, lost in the 40-foot beast. There was no place we could have safely pulled off to park. We can hardly wait to come back with the “toad” (tow vehicle hooked up to the back of the RV) so we can get out and explore! 

It’s very cool here. Also right around these parts: 

— Mount Rushmore 

— Devil’s Tower 

— The Badlands 

(Things we don’t get to see or explore this time.) 

There must be an old ghost town or several in these parts (not the tourist trap kind by the interstate, which are all closed now — for the season (not necessarily Covid)). 

Over the weekend, we’ll get to Spokane, and stay around there next week. Then home to Seattle… 

This is a lot more fun right now. 


RV Movie Gif

Text to Non-RV Friend: 

Well… have you ever seen the movie RV with Robin Williams? That.

Exactly that! Wow, it’s been an adventure. Pretty awesome & fun, at times. We seem to do something wrong or encounter at least one disaster a day. So far, so… well, we’re still alive & the RV is intact, for the most part. One little bashed up $500 thingy aside (rear rock guard/mud flap kind of thing – yeah). 


Day 9 – RV Support: Programs & Memberships

Spearfish, SD: Elkhorn Ridge

To Full-Time RV Friend – 8:45 a.m.: 

Thanks for all the info & support. Our first week was crazy & scary with what we didn’t know. The worst was riding around our 2nd day in a 40-foot bucking bronco because we hadn’t filled the air pressure to ride height. Sweet Jesus! Bashed up our rear Entegra rock guard plate. Russ had to jerry-rig it up with new bolts & links at a Menard’s parking lot in Mitchell, SD. 

So many little things to learn with water and tanks and toilets and electrical. 

And… the washing machine doesn’t work! No power. The dryer works. We suspect there’s a blown fuse inside the washer, which is a hassle to repair or replace, apparently.

So I’m at the campground laundry today.


RV Laundry


Thoughts on RV Programs & Memberships

— The several Good Sam campgrounds we have stayed at have been terrific. The KOA here was more expensive than the resort we ended up at for the week. Variable by location, I know. 

I don’t get a good vibe from KOA. Too family-friendly, I think. Too many kids! (LOL – Says the empty-nester. I like kids, I really do! It’s just hard to watch out for so many littles in a busy family campground.)

— We’ve been using RV Life for “RV-friendly” GPS & campground info. Super helpful, when we follow the GPS. We haven’t figured out their Trip Wizard trip planning & routing thing online, which is part of the membership. We will. (Next road trip!) 

— The Entegra Owner’s Group on Facebook has been a godsend!!!

It’s all good. We have so many little things to resolve and figure out.

I think the RV is awesome, and in great condition. 

RVs in general seem a lot more delicate than I expected — so many things! 

Quote from my Full-Time RV Friend:

RV’s are delicate but they also survive dozens of earthquakes all day while you drive. I’m honestly surprised more doesn’t happen.  


Day 10 – Uneventful Work Day in the RV!

Spearfish, SD: Elkhorn Ridge

Incredible sunset walks around the extensive resort property. There is a trail out into the fields, bison on the horizon. The trail goes around a mile or more to the gas station / convenience store at the exit from the Interstate. Deli / wine cellar — great selection of liquor and goodies. Life is good.


RV Elkhorn Sunset


Day 11 – We’re Doing This!

Spearfish, SD: Elkhorn Ridge

Early October in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is gorgeous & warm. So very peaceful.

Still FSO (Figuring Sh*t Out), but we haven’t had any “special learning experiences” since Tuesday!

We’ve really enjoyed staying in place for a few days. Russ’s Zoom Seattle background & internets are working out great.

I’ve been organizing, decorating, and managing life/work stuff, trying to finish two October books for Book Group(s) next week (via Zoom!).

All good… until we get home and can fix the windshield wipers… and the washer/fuse issues… and the fresh water tank/city water valve on the water thing, and… oh, the rock guard thing that hangs down below the rear bumper… yeah. Small things!

Everything else is ? 


RV Elkhorn Autumn


Day 12 – RV-Friendly WalMart

Buffalo, WY: Indian Campground

We checked out of Elkhorn Ridge early on Friday. Drove to a WalMart parking lot off the Interstate and set up the internets, so Russ could finish his Zoom calls for the day, without the interruption of 11 a.m. check-out at the campground.

That’s the great thing about WalMart (and no, I can’t believe I’m saying this): They are definitely RV-friendly, catering to traveling shoppers:

  • WalMart locations all over the country, easy access from the Interstates.
  • Enormous, well-lit and marked parking lots make it easy to navigate and park large vehicles.
  • Many WalMarts allow overnight parking for semi-trucks and RVs, if you check with local management.
  • WalMart offers a full grocery store and everything else, including many specialty RV parts & supplies.
  • Because you’re going to be in the store spending money at some point, they don’t mind if you park for a couple of hours. Or several.

Which is what we did.

It worked out great: I shopped and stocked up on supplies for the next week, while Russ finished his calls for the day (good internet access, too!).

With our late afternoon start, we ended up at an overnight campground (not a WalMart — we’re not that brave yet!), right off the Interstate in Buffalo, WY.

Turns out, they were closing for the season the next day, so everything was pretty much shut down, which was fine for the quick overnight.


Day 13 – Our RV Road Trip Continues…

& Harvest Hosts!

Bozeman, MT: Sentinel Alpaca Ranch

RV Alpaca Facebook

So… Harvest Hosts!

Harvest Hosts is an amazing membership program, a whole ‘nother article in and of itself — coming soon!

The quick description:

Harvest Hosts

RV Camping At 2594+ Wineries, Breweries, Farms and More!

A membership program that invites
self-contained RVers to enjoy unique overnight stays.

FREE* OVERNIGHT CAMPING at some of the coolest, most unique destinations you can imagine across country!

*FREE overnight camping, but you agree, as a member, to support these small businesses in exchange, by touring the property, enjoying a meal or entertainment, or buying something (a bottle of wine/beer or other products available: farm fresh eggs & produce, alpaca yarn products!) — depending on what they offer, of course.

Sentinel Ranch was our first Harvest Hosts experience. We were a little nervous:

  • The locations can be a little off the beaten path, to get to the farms, wineries, and other amazing places.
  • “Self-contained” = Boondocking. 


*** Harvest Hosts – If you are interested in more information or in joining Harvest Hosts, click the referral link HERE for a 15% DISCOUNT. We are happy affiliates of the Harvest Hosts program and earn $15 for sharing this discount with our friends — and yes, you can too, as a Harvest Host member! ***


Boondocking or “dry camping” means surviving overnight in your RV without any hook-ups (electric, water, sewer). You rely on your batteries, maybe a generator (if you have one and if it’s allowed), your own tank of fresh water, and gray & black water tanks.   

— Gray water = everything that goes down the sink or shower.

— Black water = everything that goes down the toilet. 

You take your garbage with you when you go.

Without hook-ups, the RV is basically a very complex tent.

5:30 a.m. trip to the bathroom: All was quiet. One bathroom accent light. And all the chargers, silently charging iPhones, watches, iPads & my Kindle, sipping away on battery power, with a little auto-boost from the generator every once in a while, when the house batteries got low. 


RV Alpaca Dog


Day 14 – Casino Campground (NOT a Harvest Host)

Spokane, WA: Northern Quest Casino

After spending the morning with the Alpacas at Sentinel Ranch, we drove out with a huge load of Alpaca products from their gift shop (over $150 in Alpaca yarn socks, hats, dryer balls(!), and gifty things for Christmas presents).

Destination: Spokane, WA to see our daughter.

We reserved a campsite at the Northern Quest Casino — a brand-new campground area next to the enormous casino property.

Casinos, like WalMart, often have free overnight parking available, for their clientele who will be spending money in the casino or lounges. It’s generally rough parking (boondocking, as described above) and the casinos often require the purchase of resort credits, or enrollment in the casino club card program, in exchange for free parking.

Not being gamblers like that, we opted to stay & pay in the campground — a manicured and landscaped property, with big, paved spaces and full hook-ups. Very clean, very nice, very expensive. No gambling required.

Because the campground was so new, there were no trees or other windbreaks, on a very windy, open plain. Added to the general  turbulence, an ambulance, lights and sirens blaring, arrived in the middle of the night at the site across from us.

Russ slept through it. I did not.


Day 15 – RV Laundry Day

Spokane, WA: Northern Quest Casino

Northern Quest Casino Campground does have a brand-new laundry room: Very fancy. Very expensive.

By lunchtime, there were weather warnings of extreme winds in the area overnight and through the next day.

It was time to go somewhere else.


RV Deer Park Golf


Day 16 – Changing Locations

Spokane, WA: Deer Park RV Resort

Thanks to Good Sam and suggestions on our Entegra Owner’s Facebook Group, we discovered Deer Park RV Resort, just north of Spokane — on a golf course!


Day 17 – LP = Liquid Propane

Spokane, WA: Deer Park RV Resort

RV Killer RV

(I think our RV is trying to kill us – 2.0)

It may be because I’ve been reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson for Midtown ATL Book Group (spooky!), but I think the RV may have tried to kill us last night (again!) — 3:00 A.M. LP GAS ALARM!!! — for no apparent reason. (LP gas was OFF & the alarm cleared immediately when re-set.) ?

Russ says it was trying to protect us. I slept (eventually) with the windows open.

Trying to get used to all of this.

(I set that alarm off last week by spraying Lysol in the kitchen — the thing is very sensitive! — but it was only 11 a.m.)


Day 18 – RV Life

Spokane, WA: Deer Park RV Resort

I’m still asking my hubs dumb questions:

  • Is it okay to use the bathroom?
  • Can I  flush the toilet?
  • Can I use the sink?
  • Can I open the refrigerator?
  • I don’t want to mess anything up.


Case in point: closing the bathroom door at a rest stop (trapping a fly).

I closed the mid-ship bathroom door during travel to trap a fly. The door was stuck closed for the rest of the day. (Thank God I wasn’t inside the bathroom, with the fly.) We had no access to the set-up panel when we parked for the night. Frantic Facebook (Entegra Owner’s Group) & Google research. We did eventually get it open.  

So much to learn. 

So much can go wrong. 

The stress of being homeless — having to find a place to park every night, preferably an hour before dark, with time to set everything up. 

Barely functional right now (me, not the RV). 

I’m just tired.


Day 19 – Harvest Hosts #2

Quincy, WA: Trinity Gardens Lavender Farm

RV Adventure Day #19 – I cant believe we’re suddenly near the end of our epic RV Road Trip. On our way home. Two more nights.

We left Spokane & Daughter this morning. Such a great visit! She tested our guest bed — need a mattress topper on the fold-out.

“Ran a few errands” in the 40-foot RV (including WalMart!).

Today’s Special Learning Experience: “RV Friendly” GPS sending us over the RR tracks on a Dead End road.

Russ is an amazing RV driver. ?

(We almost died. Again. 3rd time.)

And, have to say: Eastern WA is also beautiful country.

Parked tonight at Trinity Gardens Lavender Farm in Quincy, WA on the Columbia River Gorge. Incredibly beautiful, very windy!

Russ made a drone video (with permission) before we left — hope you can see it on YouTube:


Our 3 week RV travels in our Entegra Aspire 40P take us to the unique and serene Trinity Lavender Farm in Quincy, Washington.


Day 20 – The Last Night of Our Epic RV Road Trip

Anacortes, WA: Fidalgo Bay RV Resort

We have discovered our RV Happy Place in Washington State.

We didn’t think this type of beach campground even existed in the Seattle area, after preliminary research and driving around over the last couple of months.

We found Fidalgo Bay RV Resort by mistake.

We stopped at an RV service facility in Everett (north of Seattle), to see if they could help with any of the issues and concerns on our new-to-us RV punch list. Not sure how that will all shake out, but the people there were super helpful, so we asked a lot of questions, including:

“What’s your favorite RV campground in the area?”

They highly recommended a casino campground near Anacortes, which is about 90 minutes north of Seattle.

The casino campground was FULL!

So we checked out our handy-dandy RV Life app, and it showed this campground, just four miles up the road.

We called: one space available. Yay! On the water, lovely Fidalgo Bay.

It was perfect for the last night of our epic RV Road Trip.


RV Fidalgo Bay 1


Day 21 – Home Again, Home Again

10/18/2020 – Snohomish, WA: Snohomish Storage

RV Adventure Day #21 – Home again, home again. 21 days. 2000 miles. 3 near-death experiences.

And we managed to back-in to our very skinny covered storage space in Snohomish.

Are we intermediate level RVers yet? (Still far from “expert,” but we’re working on it!)


RV Epic Road Trip


Text to Full-Time RV Friend – 7:48AM: 

#1 – I don’t know if I can live like that full-time??? It feels like I would have to give up so much… stuff. It’s just stuff. Do you have a  storage unit for your stuff?

#2 – I am going to have to learn how to drive a 40′ RV. I thought: no problem! Little old ladies drive school buses. And RVs. My dad was a truck driver! But I got spooked out there. I didn’t drive it. Not at all. Russ is an excellent RV driver, and he likes it. I know I have to learn. 

I’m going to have to learn how to drive it. I can’t stand the thought of being stuck if something happens, or if Russ can’t drive/needs back up. I am not that helpless! 

I’m trying to catch up on this new life, after 23 days away, with 6 months to prepare for another major-major life change…

Yes, I’m having fun. I love it.


This article was about our very first epic RV Road Trip, bringing our new-to-us 40-foot Class A motorhome home to Seattle, WA from the dealer in Des Moines, IA. We hope you enjoyed the article and are inspired and reassured, if you are a new or soon-to-be-new RV traveler. Join us on our current & future RV adventures by subscribing at https://BooksAndTravelUSA.com.

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Welcome to RV Work Life Balance, the Full-time RV Travel Blog & Podcast.  We’re Russ & Sherri, your RV Work Life Balance travel hosts. We’re glad you’re here!

We are living, working & traveling the U.S. full-time in our 2016 Entegra Aspire 40′ Class A Motorhome named Charlie The Unicorn. Join us on our GenX Post-pandemic Adventure!

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Russ & Sherri

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