RV YouTube Superstars: LOOK Who We Found In Atlanta! 👀

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RV YouTube Superstars

Meet Mark & Sue Chandler – @ourjourneyinmyles (IG) – our most-favorite RV YouTube Superstar couple!

Mark & Sue’s RV YouTube channel is Our Journey In Myles.

They literally came walking by our front window recently, at the Best. Possible. Moment…

We were picking up Charlie-The-RV after a week at the “RV spa” (service & repair facility) outside of Atlanta, GA.

It was not going well.

(In fact, the visit turned out to be a disaster, yet to be resolved. But that’s a whole ‘nother story.)

So we were in the rig, in the parking lot of the service center, on our way out at the end of a long day, long week. Talking with our service coordinator about the invoice and what had and hadn’t been done. And what still wasn’t working…

Russ happened to look up while we were in deep discussion:

“Oh my gosh, it’s them!”

“Who? What?! Huh?”

“It’s Mark & Sue!”

I knew instantly who he was talking about.

We’ve watched their YouTube videos so many times in the last year and a half — every week now! We’re on a first name basis and familiarity, considering them “new best friends” and RV mentors… even though they have no clue who we are.

(Which is actually kinda creepy, I know. 🤪)

Sure enough, there they were!

Instantly recognizable, with Sue’s auburn braids and Mark’s ballcap.

Carrying their cameras, microphones, and audio equipment — all the RV YouTube Superstar gear.

Of course, we burst out the door and caught them in front of our RV: 

“Mark & Sue!”

We both tried to contain our fanboy & fangirl enthusiasm and excitement…

“Oh my gosh, we’re your biggest fans! We love your videos!”

(I am LOL and cringing with embarrassment at how creepy this sounds, but there you go.)

Mark looks up at the paper service tag in our front window:


“Are you the reason we haven’t gotten in for service today?!”

Well, maybe

(But not really — it’s a super busy place with literally hundreds of large luxury RVs parked and moving in all different directions. We were just 1 of their 999 problems that day.) (He was kidding.)

I still can’t believe we saw them randomly walking by our rig!

We caught up with them later in the parking lot and stood outside for more than an hour, talking about our RV experiences (one year), and learning even more about theirs (four years).

In real life, these RV YouTube Superstars are just like they are on video!


Interesting. Engaging. Funny!

We have the pictures to prove it:

RV YouTube Couples

(With Mark & Sue’s permission, of course 🤩)


Background: RV YouTube Best Friends & Mentors

Russ started this full-time RV dream and adventure long before I did. During the early days of the pandemic, he started watching random YouTube videos by people doing this RV thing.

I assumed it was the boredom of isolation during the long months of lockdown in Seattle. I didn’t pay much attention.

Before I realized what was happening, we were following a handful of regulars, catching up every Sunday morning, over coffee and breakfast.

All that RV YouTube inspiration, education and motivation got us on the road

These were people just like us: we can do this!

There are a handful of RV YouTube Superstars we learned from and continue to follow every week.

Others we have learned from — what not to do. Which is helpful, too.

Mark & Sue have been favorites from the start, especially after we ended up buying a 2016 Entegra Coach 40-foot “Diesel Pusher” Class A Motorhome. And then decided to live and travel in it, full-time. (Catch up on our story by clicking that link!)

Although you wouldn’t know it, Mark & Sue are slightly older, driving a 2014 Newmar Dutch Star Diesel Pusher, very similar to ours (their Myles is slightly larger than Charlie, but that’s okay 😉).

They are down to earth. Practical. Funny.

We recognize ourselves in their approach to life and full-time RVing. (Click the link to read Mark & Sue’s story.)

Mark has an engineering background. Russ has learned so much, watching his RV care and maintenance videos: fire safety, water softening, electrical issues, awning fixes, and so much more. 

Sue is a retired teacher. Together, they embrace what they call a “tourist RV lifestyle” of exploring great destinations and sharing the history, stories, flavor, and local businesses.

(Versus the more “adventure RV lifestyle” of boondocking or dry camping in the wild. We like our hook-ups (meaning electrical, water & sewer 😉)!)

In their YouTube videos, they show how to do this together and have fun. We love their campground reviews, tours and adventures, their hiking & biking trail discoveries.

Will we meet our RV YouTube Superstars ever again?

Since that random encounter in the parking lot two weeks ago, we’ve kept in touch with follow-up email conversations.

As 25-year “locals” in Georgia, we were able to give them suggestions for touristing in Atlanta and Savannah. 

They spent time on the phone, generously helping us with some RV service issues, sharing their wisdom and expertise.

Our paths have converged and we seem to be heading in similar directions through the winter. We can hardly wait to see them again at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa!

We’re thrilled to have met our favorite RV YouTube Superstar couple IRL – In Real Life.

That chance encounter ended up being the very best part about our entire week at the service center!

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