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PODCAST #5: Save The Marriage! ❤️ Work Remote Travel Together in a Motorhome

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russ and sherri selfie at cody night rodeo

The RV Work Life Balance PODCAST!

Episode 5:  Work Remote Travel & Marriage in a Motorhome 🤗

RVing from the Cody Trout Ranch in Cody, Wyoming: Sherri & Russ share their Anniversary SURPRISE Adventures in Cody & Yellowstone National Park… And how we work remote and travel full time together in a 40-foot motorhome. It’s the RV Work Life Balance MARRIAGE SURVIVAL GUIDE!!!



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  • 10-02-2023 – EPISODE 5 – (00:47:08)
  • Title: Work Remote Travel & Marriage in a Motorhome



“When everyday life is like Valentine’s Day, every day is an anniversary…”

(Well… to be honest, it takes some getting used to! 👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏼)

In Episode 5 of the RV Work Life Balance PODCAST, Sherri & Russ find themselves in Cody, Wyoming on their 35th Wedding Anniversary! From exploring Yellowstone’s hidden gems to experiencing all the fun and excitement Cody has to offer, they share their insights on surviving Happily Ever After… living, working, and traveling full time together in a 40-foot RV.

Life on the road isn’t all trolley tours and rodeos, and we are no strangers to the challenges of maintaining RV Work Life & Marriage Balance 24/7/365 in our tiny home on wheels.

Tune in to our frank discussion on how we navigate these challenges, including finding the perfect RV layout and managing our different work schedules. Our survival secrets cover everything from setting up separate RV office workspaces, to portable desks, essential equipment, noise and HR considerations… to full appreciation of the amazing benefits this lifestyle offers.

Learn all about RV Work Remote Travel in this episode!

Our mission is to share what we learn about RV Work Life Balance and introduce you to new opportunities, people, places, and ideas to spark your interest and imagination…

Let’s hit the road together for this unique journey!

– – – – – HIGHLIGHTS – – – – –

  • (00:01:08) – Cody, Wyoming: Cody Trout Ranch Campground
  • (00:03:09) – Discovering Yellowstone’s East Entrance
  • (00:09:17) – Finding The Fun: Visit Cody, Wyoming!
  • (00:18:03) – How To Work Remote Travel Together
  • (00:21:06) – The Best RV for Remote Work?
  • (00:31:32) – Timing The Dirty Stuff & Magic Fingers 👀
  • (00:34:03) – RV Office Space & Considerations
  • (00:41:06) – Wrapping Up: RV Work Life Balance


Sherri and Russ work remote travel at Yellowstone National Parksherri at cody, wyoming night rodeo rv work remote travel funsherri boards the cody trolley for work remote travel tour

russ working at rv office desk work remote travel







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GyPSy Guide: For your next road trip or national park adventure (Article)

–> SHOUT OUT to our RV YouTube SuperStar friends Mark & Sue (Article):

four friends, all RV digital nomads full time on the road


Our Journey In Myles: Buying a New or Used Motorhome?

(The video we were watching when we realized it was our Anniversary! 😂)





Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we will earn a commission on the products or services you purchase using the links. There is no additional cost to you and the earnings help keep this program running. Thank You!!! Read our Affiliate Disclaimer for more information.


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